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Plumbing Tips & Tricks

Are You Embarrassed By Your Plumbing Skills? Tips and Tricks  To Help You Out.

Tips and Tricks for Weekend Plumbing

More than any other kind of home improvement work, plumbing can get a DIYer crazy. Difficulties arise, frustrations multiply, and projects grow. Even experts are not immune. One way to handle the frustrations and accomplish a successful plumbing venture is to allow a good amount of time—at least double the time as you feel the venture should take. Another intelligent step is to master some tricks of the craft. Allow me to share a couple of our favorites.

Reheat the Solder If You Unable to Cut a Pipe

The ideal way to detach a soldered pipe is by cutting it. But in some cases you can’t—either since you can’t have a cutting device into the space or when cutting may leave the pipe too limited to make a new connection. The remedy is by heating heat the joint and then complete the installation as the solder melts.

It’s important to have a wet rag ready and instantly clean away the molten solder just before it solidifies. (Wear safety gloves to avoid burning your fingers!) At times a fast wipe will leave the pipe all set for a fresh fitting. Very likely, you will need to scour off some extra solder with emery cloth or sand paper before you slip on a fresh fitting.

Use Plastic instead of   Metal Drain Lines

Metal drain lines beneath sinks look far more efficient than plastic. However plastic is much better in virtually every way. It’s less expensive, easier to mount, and less difficult to tighten or adjust if a leak builds up. And as opposed to metal, plastic won’t rust. So if a metal drain leaks, usually the best move is to swap the whole assembly with plastic.

Loosen Stuck Pipes with Heat

When a threaded link won’t budge, heat at times does the trick, particularly on old connections which were covered with pipe dope that solidified over time. Have patience. Getting the metal hot may take a handful of minutes. Protect close by surfaces with a flame resistant cloth. This technique is for waste pipes and water only, not for fuel or gas lines.

Piggyback Tenacious Shutoffs

Shutoff valves under toilets and sinks toilets have a rotten consistency record. At times they won’t close entirely; often they won’t close whatsoever. In any case, there’s a substitute to swapping the shutoff. Many home depots carry “piggyback” shut off valves which connect to active shutoffs. Just detach the supply line and mount the new valve. In case the old shut off closes almost all of the way, you won’t have to switch off the primary water valve instead set a container below the valve to capture the trickle as you work.

Fix a Clog in Seconds        

Before you operate a drain snake onto a blocked pipe or take down the trap, there`re some other tricks worth attempting: Frequently, you may yank out a blockage with a versatile-shaft pick up tool or a Zip-It. In the same way, a wet/dry vacuum might vacuum out the clog. Special thanks to the Kennesaw Plumbing Experts

How To Save A Lot Of Water With Green Plumbing Technology

Green plumbing is an entire new way of saving energy as it applies to water consumption. So many Americans talk about being “Green” nowadays, in this article allow me to shed more light on green plumbing and its importance. As you are aware, natural resources especially water are limited  in Atlanta and  America in general, but  are you aware that preserving water also assists with air pollution  According to the Atlanta Energy Commission, Atlanta’s water-energy relationship is crucial. This is due to the fact water-related energy usage consumes 20 % of the Atlanta’s electricity, 35 % of its gas, and 34 billion gallons of diesel annually – and this demand is fast rising. This indicates that each gallon of water you do not use reduces on the fossil fuels utilized in combination with water usage. In essence, utilizing less water also implies lower air pollution. Hence green plumbing is actually about using energy- conserving equipment, low flow fixtures, and a little bit sound judgment in regards to water consumption. If everyone in the US would make use of new green plumbing improvements, it is approximated that we could avoid 90million tons of co2 from entering the environment each year!

Presently, the average family of five uses 115,000 to 176,000 gallons of water annually, so in our of responsibility to help our environment, I wanted to provide you a couple of green plumbing facts and ideas  that I have put here on how to preserve energy without sacrificing personal comfort.

Toilets Use 25% of Water in our Homes

Are you aware that an average person makes use of the toilet two and a half times daily? This is a great reason to consider installing a low flow toilet. Originally, low flow toilets had their issues, but new low-flow toilets have a potent flush and save 75% or 3.8 gallons of water compared to their 5-gallon alternatives. That suggests a family of four that advances to a low flow lavatory from a 5-gallon lavatory would save 14,390 gallons of water annually. With new low flow toilets, you do not need to sacrifice on flush power; and actually, low-flow toilets will fill sooner, are usually silent and look much nicer than old toilets. You’ll also save cash on your sewer and water bill assuming that you own the toilet.

Laundry consumes 23% of Water in the Home

This`s why it’s vital when you purchase a new dryer and washer to ensure they `re ENERGY STAR (*) approved. In addition, consider purchasing a front- loader washing machine since they  are easier on clothes and consume much less water. Even so, the most crucial thing to do is constantly wash full loads! One way to achieve this is by keeping a heap of laundry close to the washer. That way, when you`ve to wash a single load, you can throw in the other heap too. This conserves plenty of water all through the year. New advances in technology will also enable you recycle the water from the washing machine and the toilet for use in irrigation if you’ve a yard. Visit for more info.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Commercial Plumbing Service In Atlanta

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Commercial Plumbing Service In Atlanta

The plumbing business encompasses a number of undertakings relating to the installation, maintenance and repair of waste drainage, water pipes, tubing and plumbing accessories. Commercial plumbing is a sub specialty that concentrates on responding to piping needs tailored to commercial areas, such as strip malls, office buildings, restaurants, business parks and movie theaters, and so forth.

Broken toilet in the ladies’ washroom, dish washer in the kitchen pantry not functioning, unreliable disposal, whatever plumbing concerns you have in your business or at the office could interrupt the operation thereby affecting productivity. Due to this, it is crucial that every office should have an effective commercial plumbing service in their phonebook on standby. So how do you pick a qualified commercial plumber? Take a moment and find out below.

Number of Years (Experience), in the Business & Competence.

As you can imagine, you want to seek the services of a commercial plumbing service that is without a doubt a specialist in the area and wouldn’t make your undertaking a trial ground. Normally, most, if not all, firms would assert that they’re perfect at their work, but you can’t take their word for it. It’s important you confirm it by asking about their previous work with past clients. Probably you can ask for recommendations and figure out how these current or past clients were contented with their services.

Assess the quality of quality of products to be used.

Another thing to consider when searching for a commercial plumbing service is the type of products that they plan to use in performing their work. This business, like in other sectors, greatly relies on technology advancements. It could be valuable for your business to find commercial plumbing services that use advanced technology, high quality plumbing materials and equipment such as fixtures and pipes. Products of high quality often promise a long shelf life and reduced probability of plumbing issues cropping up regularly.

Guaranteed work

Go for plumbing firms who are sure in the quality of the services and able to provide warrantees in the repair work they have completed. A number of commercial plumbing services will provide money back guarantees or will do the work until you are completely satisfied in the event you`re not happy with their work.

Transparent Pricing.

It would be good to collaborate with a commercial plumbing service that can give a ballpark estimate of the charges that you’ve to pay them after the work is done. This will assist you to operate within budget constraints rather than getting shocked upon discovering out how much you have to shell out at the end of the undertaking. Paying a commercial plumbing service by the hour is another option you should consider.

Sooner or later, every business owner will need the help of a commercial plumbing service. When picking one, consider their competence, experience, number of years in operation, the quality of plumbing materials and equipment they plan to use, upfront pricing, warranty, and round the clock availability.