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A1 Valet Trash, LLC

Company Spotlight

A1 Valet Trash, LLC. is a doorstep waste collection company based in Georgia. The company was founded by a graduate from Kennesaw State University. The idea was born when the founder was living in a community in the Atlanta area that had the service. He was being charged for a service that was not actually showing up.
After doing research it was clear the company did not have the residents best interest in mind, but instead their own. They focus their efforts on selling managers and owners instead of servicing the residents. The sales department and operations department were not riding in the same truck so to speak.
After further market analysis it was determined there was an opportunity for a lower cost provider. The founder then partnered with multiple people to help expedite the startup period. He chose to partner with a veteran that has been in the waste removal business for many years. In fact, he has been in the valet trash and recycling business for many years. This partner became crucial for the founder as he was able to gain industry insight.
The next partner had an overall sense of business. He partnered with someone that has an extensive track record with multiple companies and industries. The background and different experience this partner brought to the table has been a key part to the success of the business.
Lastly, a partnership was made with a marketing specialist. This part is crucial to stay relevant and build brand recognition.
From that point the team set out to gain market share as quickly as possible. A1 Valet Trash joined networking groups and began prospecting. It was clear when entering the market there was already other vendors with market share. However, the main key national company had deep roots and a massive market share.
It was quickly learned that this industry is 100% who you know and who knows you. The industry was very cut throat and incestual. The person that was the property manager at ABC company could be the regional manager for XYZ company the next week. It seemed the RM, AM, VP, Presidents, CEO, COO and team leads were all the same people that play a large scale game of musical chairs. This industry has a high ever revolving turn over rate, but it was nothing the team has not seen before.
The team then began the sales process and business development stage. The company is now servicing properties as well as continuing to grow their portfolio.

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