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How To Save A Lot Of Water With Green Plumbing Technology

Green plumbing is an entire new way of saving energy as it applies to water consumption. So many Americans talk about being “Green” nowadays, in this article allow me to shed more light on green plumbing and its importance. As you are aware, natural resources especially water are limited  in Atlanta and  America in general, but  are you aware that preserving water also assists with air pollution  According to the Atlanta Energy Commission, Atlanta’s water-energy relationship is crucial. This is due to the fact water-related energy usage consumes 20 % of the Atlanta’s electricity, 35 % of its gas, and 34 billion gallons of diesel annually – and this demand is fast rising. This indicates that each gallon of water you do not use reduces on the fossil fuels utilized in combination with water usage. In essence, utilizing less water also implies lower air pollution. Hence green plumbing is actually about using energy- conserving equipment, low flow fixtures, and a little bit sound judgment in regards to water consumption. If everyone in the US would make use of new green plumbing improvements, it is approximated that we could avoid 90million tons of co2 from entering the environment each year!

Presently, the average family of five uses 115,000 to 176,000 gallons of water annually, so in our of responsibility to help our environment, I wanted to provide you a couple of green plumbing facts and ideas  that I have put here on how to preserve energy without sacrificing personal comfort.

Toilets Use 25% of Water in our Homes

Are you aware that an average person makes use of the toilet two and a half times daily? This is a great reason to consider installing a low flow toilet. Originally, low flow toilets had their issues, but new low-flow toilets have a potent flush and save 75% or 3.8 gallons of water compared to their 5-gallon alternatives. That suggests a family of four that advances to a low flow lavatory from a 5-gallon lavatory would save 14,390 gallons of water annually. With new low flow toilets, you do not need to sacrifice on flush power; and actually, low-flow toilets will fill sooner, are usually silent and look much nicer than old toilets. You’ll also save cash on your sewer and water bill assuming that you own the toilet.

Laundry consumes 23% of Water in the Home

This`s why it’s vital when you purchase a new dryer and washer to ensure they `re ENERGY STAR (*) approved. In addition, consider purchasing a front- loader washing machine since they  are easier on clothes and consume much less water. Even so, the most crucial thing to do is constantly wash full loads! One way to achieve this is by keeping a heap of laundry close to the washer. That way, when you`ve to wash a single load, you can throw in the other heap too. This conserves plenty of water all through the year. New advances in technology will also enable you recycle the water from the washing machine and the toilet for use in irrigation if you’ve a yard. Visit for more info.

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