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Cleaning Products and Septic Systems

We sat down with Toby Evans of Anytime Septic to discuss the impact certain cleaning products may have on your septic systems.

Many people have experienced all too expensive septic problems. Maintenance can be painful for the wallet and can also affect the way your family functions in order to keep the septic system from having future problems. But what about using products that help your septic function, and do not have the harmful effects of other products? Household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will break down and kill off the healthy bacteria. It is vital to use organically safe cleaning products in your home to keep your septic system healthy.

Everywhere you go, the most commonly suggested maintenance product is Rid-X. However, most professional septic system installers and maintenance companies will undoubtedly will tell you to keep away from this product. In many cases, Rid-X has caused detrimental effects to the septic system. Some products that should never be flushed, washed down a sink or bathtub, or in any way transmitted to the septic system.  They just cannot physically be broken down. They include; cat litter, oil, paint and paint thinners, cigarette butts, tampons or panty liners, paper towels or tissues, and pool chemicals or pool water. For some sensitive septic systems even double ply toilet paper can cause costly clogs. What makes these goods so hazardous to your system is that many homeowners don’t even comprehend how detrimental they really are.

On top of arranging regular maintenance, there are goods readily available you can use that can be greatly beneficial. One example of a product swap you can make is a simple change in laundry detergent. Whatever cleanser you choose should be a liquid with little or no phosphates. Some possible brand choices are: Amway S-A-8, Equator, Fresh Start, Oxydol and Seventh Generation. These detergents are even decomposable and have less harmful effects on the environment than other selections.

As for the cleaning goods you use in your home, avoid items with ammonia and chlorine, and make sure the products are biodegradable and non-toxic. Under no circumstances use powder products, liquids are always the choice to make whether it is a laundry detergent or toilet detergent. Even using liquid dishwasher detergent is acclaimed by some professionals. Oddly, cheap toilet paper is better for the septic system as the thinner sheets are much more easily broken down in the system. More expensive brands of toilet papers have additives mixed in and that slow down natural methods.

Your septic system is a delicate ecosystem that survives solely on what the user puts into it. By buying decomposable and green products you may actually save yourself lots of money by keeping your septic system functioning and clean. As previously mentioned, no product will get rid of the need to have regular septic maintenance performed, but using products that are environmentally friendly can keep your system cleaner and prevent clogging or back ups. The need to maintain a septic system does not need to be full time job.  As with most things, common sense will go a very long way.


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